Explore the depths of the Adriatic the sea and the rich flora and fauna of the Croatian underwater world

Man has always pushed boundaries. Driven by curiosity, back in ancient times, he plunged into the
depths of the sea and discovered the blue world to which we all once belonged. Today's time has
given us a chance to get to know the same world, in a safe way, but also to preserve it for new
Diving center "Draulik", guided by this motto, will provide you with a wonderful underwater
adventure that will remain a part of you forever.
Draulik was founded by Petronije Tasić, a diving instructor CMAS I3 in 2005, as he previously ran a
diving center on Hvar for five years.
Petronije is a qualified nitrox and trimix instructor and a very experienced cave diver who has
participated in many projects and research of underwater caves, and is a member of the CMRS and a
member of the cave diving department at the Speleological Rescue Commission.
The center is located on the island of Brac in Milna, in the ACI marina Milna.
Diving center "Draulik" offers you an unforgettable experience of the underwater world through
sport recreational diving, discovery or trial diving, night diving, diving in caves, wrecks, archeological
sites as well as diving courses in CMAS R1, R2 and R3 categories, and training for diving specialties.
We pay great attention to the protection and education of biodiversity conservation, and in the
center we have a laboratory where we hold educational workshops for children and adults. Every
year we are participants and organizers of numerous underwater cleaning actions, and we
participate in biological field research.

Day trips

– discovery dive
– non licenced dive
– dive for licenced divers
– deep dive (specialisation required)
– cave dive (specialization required)
-swimming in private bay