Welcome to Olife Hotel



“The vision and the dream have to be filled with life each and every day.”

Passion, dedication and hospitality – these are the ingredients for our entry into a small family guesthouse. That is how we want to increase and develop.

The olive tree is called the tree of life. That’s why we gave our guesthouse the name “Olife”. An “O” for the olive and “life” for life. It conveys a Mediterranean lifestyle, which is determined by serenity and relaxation. We want to score high points with our guests with service, attention, friendliness and flexibility. It is important for us that our guests can relax and enjoy their holidays, the most important fifth season.


With the take-over of the guesthouse in 2018 by our family owned business, we want to bring our dream and your expectation of an unforgettable and sustainable recreational time into perfect harmony.

The entire guesthouse has been newly renovated and all rooms are now air-conditioned. All rooms have a TV and refrigerators is part of the standard equipment.

Our aspiration is to offer you high quality in all possible areas for fair and reasonable prices.

Your personal satisfaction is our top priority and therefore we would be more than happy to provide the very best service and spoil you with kindness, courtesy and attention to every detail.

Enjoy the culinary offer and experience our selection of fine food and beverages on our pier by the sea, by the bar or in our bistro.

We will gladly help you with the organization of your desired activities right on site or during the planning of your holiday program.

We see ourselves as a Croatian guesthouse with Austrian quality standards and the mentality that comes with it. With us you can be quite confident that we meet all your desires and needs.